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About us

Our slogan in My Scrubs is professional outfit in terms of quality, comfort and elegance in all our products. We seek  at My Scrubs to select the best products that combine quality and style alike to meet all calibrated and styles . Our mission is processing workers and professionals in the medical sector of Saudi Arabia  and Gulf Area with the finest products available

My Scrubs is the first Saudi Brand in the fashion world of medical uniforms, we will compete with the international brand by providing high quality and variable designs

My Scrubs is the first store in Saudi Arabia specializes in providing a wide range of fashion accessories and medical uniforms. Our products are of high quality manufactured by major international commercial factories leader in the industry for decades

 Our priority are you to get the professional appearance that you deserved

Because we appreciate your time, we offer you a comfortable and different shopping experience, now you can buy all your supplies of medical apparel , accessories and tools to receive wherever you are with easiest way